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Omsk State Pedagogical University
Omsk State Pedagogical University


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Main Building: Naberezhnaya Tukhachevskogo, 14

2 Building: Partizanskaya Str., 4à

3 Building: Internatsionalnaya Str., 6

4 Building: Romanenko Str., 16

5 Building: Prospect Mira, 32

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General Information

Omsk State Pedagogical University (OSPU), founded in 1932, plays leadership role among the pedagogical Universities in the West Siberian region on training professionals in the field of education.

Main mission of OSPU lies in preserving and multiplication of intellectual values, in getting and dissemination of modern knowledge and information in the process of educating people from Siberia by integrating curricula, scientific research and innovation approaches.

According to the data of the annual monitoring of the Higher Education Institutions, Omsk State Pedagogical University was ranked among the 30 best pedagogical and linguistic Universities in the Russian Federation during 5 years.

The University offers Russian-language graduate programs in Pedagogy and Psychology, Economics and Law, Environmental Sciences and Management, Foreign Languages and Russian Language, Maths, Physics and IT.

More than 11 000 students, including about 500 international, are currently enrolled at full-time studies, part-time studies and correspondence courses. The University uses the most up-to-date teaching techniques, including the elements of distance learning.

Student conference “Human Rights in the Modern World”

Student conference “Human Rights in the Modern World”

The faculty of OSPU and modern facilities ensure a high level of training. More than 600 professors (over 50% of them possess a PhD) work for 41 departments (10:1 student/faculty ratio

With over 700,000 books, the OSPU library has six reading halls equipped with computers linked to the Internet.

The University possesses a publishing house, an Internet Centre, computer classrooms and laboratories

At the library’s reading hall

At the library’s reading hall

At the stage of the University

At the stage of the University

Since 2001 the Career Agency “Zolotoi Fond” has been functioning at OSPU to assist students and alumni in finding employment, mainly in the education sector.
In accordance with the goals of Russian higher education the development of international cooperation is one of university’s priorities.

International Cooperation

In 1999 the Office of International Cooperation received the status of Inter-Universities Center for International Cooperation and Academic Mobility. The University actively participates in international projects within the framework of cooperation with different overseas organizations and universities of Germany, The United Kingdom, Canada, France, Belgium, Hungary and NIS countries.

As a result of such cooperation the French and German Resource Centers were established at OSPU. Owing to the work of the resource centers, the OSPU students and faculty have access to modern literature in French and German, as well as to the information concerning the study and research in foreign countries, scholarships and grants offered by overseas foundations.

At the stage of the University

Every year an increasing number of professors, researches, graduate and undergraduate students participate in the exchange programs offered by different organizations (German Academic Exchange Service DAAD, Austrian Exchange Service OAD, A. Humboldt Fund, the Council of Europe, the Government of France, and the Federal Agency for Education of the Russian Federation).

In its turn, OSPU hosts overseas students, lecturers and researches coming to study, carry out research, and deliver lectures and trainings, including those coming within the framework of the Federal Agency for Education Scholarship (link to pages in Russian).

Omsk State Pedagogical University has 15 years of experience in training professionals from foreign countries. Students from the USA, France, Germany, Austria, Australia, India, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Mongolia, the United Kingdom, Japan and China have studied Russian as a Foreign Language.

Students from Mongolia and China

Students from Mongolia and China

The language of instruction in the university is Russian. To prepare for this, international students attend Russian Language Training Program, which can last from one - two months to two years. Upon completion of the program students can pursue their education at one of 9 Schools at OSPU and obtain a Bachelor’s degree (four years), the qualification of Specialist (five years) or a Master’s degree (two years after the Bachelor’s degree or a year after receiving the qualification of Specialist); PhD (after Master’s degree or the qualification of Specialist) or obtain a post-doctoral degree (three years upon completion of a PhD program).

Getting a diploma

Getting a diploma

OSPU functions as a Test Center for a number of worldwide foreign language proficiency tests:

  • English – TOEFL iBT;
  • French – DELF/DALF;
  • German – onDAF;
  • Russian – TORFL and TORFL for Russian Citizenship.

Thus people from Omsk and other cities come to pass TOEFL iBT that is the most widely accepted in the world. Students can use the test to study in the U.K. and other European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Korea in addition to the U.S. and Canada.

To register for the test you should visit the official site

Exam in French DELF or DALF is officially accepted by the French Ministry of Education and European Council of Foreign Languages. To learn more about these tests please visit

Once a month TORFL is being held at OSPU for foreigners who seek to obtain Russian Citizenship –

We are OSPU and we invite you to join us!

October 2012